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The impact of food on the rate and extent of absorption of mefenamic acid has actually not been examined. Concomitant intake of antacids including magnesium hydroxide has actually been shown to dramatically enhance the price and degree of mefenamic acid absorption (see PRECAUTIONS, Drug Interactions).

Circulation: Mefenamic acid has actually been stated as being higher than 90 % bound to albumin.9 The partnership of unbound fraction to drug concentration has actually not been examined. The noticeable quantity of circulation (Vzss/F) approximated following a 500-mg dental dose of mefenamic acid was 1.06 L/kg.

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Metabolism: Mefenamic acid is metabolized by cytochrome P450 enzyme CYP2C9 to 3-hydroxymethyl mefenamic acid (Metabolite l). More oxidation to a 3-carboxymefenamic acid (Metabolite ll) could take place.10 The tactics of these metabolites has actually not been researched. The metabolites could go through glucuronidation as well as mefenamic acid is additionally glucuronidated straight. A peak plasma level estimating 20 mcg/mL was noted at 3 hrs for the hydroxy metabolite and also its glucuronide (n=6) after a single 1-gram dose. A peak plasma level of 8 mcg/mL was noted at 6-8 hours for the carboxy metabolite as well as its glucuronide.

Excretion: Approximately fifty-two percent of a mefenamic acid dose is secreted right into the pee largely as glucuronides of mefenamic acid (6 %), 3-hydroxymefenamic acid (25 %) and also 3-carboxymefenamic acid (21 %). The fecal course of removal make up as much as 20 % of the dose, generally through unconjugated 3-carboxymefenamic acid.

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